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Overview of Perth

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Know About Us

Perth Ceramic Pvt Ltd, is one of the best quality manufactures of vitrified tiles in India. It has an annual capacity of 3 Million Sq/m. Perth Ceramic has touched new echelons in a very short span of time. Today we are an integrated part of modern living combining the extraordinary qualities of beauty and value of money. Perth Ceramic have united the toughness of vitrified tiles with modern technology and customer aspirations to produce a range that is vast in choice.

Zero Maintenance
Eco Friendly
100% Replacement for Italian Marble
Low Water Absorption
Ultra Polished Nano Technology
Divine Glossiness

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The culture of “making ceramics”

Integrity- We serve our clients with supreme dedication and do not let our loyalty towards norms get affected at any cost.
Authenticity- We adhere to the idea of delivering best quality tiles and we are committed to this belief completely.
Stability- To serve tiles of unbeatable quality, we make use of certified resources and technology.
Customer satisfaction- Customers and their satisfaction make the base of our working pyramid.
Teamwork- We believe that teamwork delivers the best work and we encourage team spirit in our working processes.

The Vision of Perth Ceramic

At Perth, excellence is not a onetime effort, it's a custom to be followed on regular basis, and so we abide by all the necessary norms and deliver supreme quality resources. We will to continue doing so and attain success by being a market leader Apart from that, we also desire to be recognized as one of the most fruitful employers for our team, along with being a productive patron for our associates.